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Summer 2010 Edition

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With Lots of News

We’re virtually bubbling over with news here at Windmill. It seems like forever since our last newsletter, and yet it was only mid-March.  I’ll do my best to fill you in, and keep it as short as possible.
New Arrival
Most importantly, May 9th marked the appearance of Charlie Malbogat, Josh’s new baby girl. She started life at 6 lbs 13 oz, and just had her one-month weigh-in at over 10 lbs – a whopping 70% increase!  Josh says she’s got a good appetite, and an even better set of lungs.  It will be a wee while yet before she sleeps through the night but, unlike her Dad, she gets to catch up during the day.
Fantastic Feedback
You gave us great feedback on my March article, While You’re Here… . Most of you emailed me directly. While I still enjoy getting mail just like I did as a little girl, I’d also love you to share your comments on the Members Only Site. That way, everybody gets a chance to benefit from your feedback, and will be reassured that their problems are shared.  Also, let us know if you’ve implemented “The Five-Minute Rule,” and tell us how it’s going for you.  We can all learn from each other.
Federal Inspections and Corrections
We’ve got a great new success story from the folks at Apostolic Christian Restmor. It shows how PM Worx benefits the whole community, and highlights how it takes care of the documentation, dates, and reminders when the Federal Inspector makes a call. We are very grateful to all of you who have taken the time to share your PM Worx successes with us. Your feedback always enriches our understanding of your operations, and helps us refine and improve PM Worx. Josh is looking for more candidates to tell us some stories, so give him a shout if you’d like to be heard
Education Sessions
My travel schedule has been off-the-charts hectic, and really rewarding.  Because Josh was staying close to home awaiting Charlie’s arrival, I did the tradeshows in CA, NC, and TX.  It was so good to catch up with so many of you personally.   At the NC conference, I had the opportunity to share some of our thinking on Preventative Maintenance in an education session co-presented with John zumBrunnen.  In the summer, Josh will also present with John at the FAHSA conference.   
In these educational sessions, we strongly advocate a holistic, systemic approach to environmental services. Experience has taught us that it’s impractical to address preventative maintenance in a vacuum. We explain why it’s important to address the many constraints and systemic issues surrounding ad-hoc and corrective maintenance, so that your PM plan becomes a failsafe reminder system to mitigate health and safety and associated financial risks.  
HealthCap Insurance
Speaking of risk mitigation, I had a great afternoon presenting to HealthCap, a professional and general liability insurance company dedicated to the senior care industry. I met with their risk managers from across the country to discuss how PM Worx provides essential support to protect the health and safety of residents, staff, and visitors.  We focused on the ability to build and document the plan in PM Worx, get automatic pop-up reminders, use dashboards to monitor outstanding tasks, and, of course, keep a centralized document repository.  Stressing that environmental risk management mustn’t be divorced from day-to-day corrective work, I reminded participants that, unlike institutional or industrial situations, Senior Living has a single maintenance team responsible for all work, regardless of how or why it needs attention.
Quality Assurance and Survey Module
Another new arrival is our Quality Assurance and Survey Module for PM Worx.  It covers the whole process of surveying from:

  • Building the surveys/questionnaires right in PM Worx
  • Issuing a survey EITHER directly related to a work order OR directed to the community as a whole
  • Entering survey results
  • Reporting and analyzing the resulting data.
Don’t miss Kyle’s article and Andrew’s Watch, Listen, and Learn on how to automate your maintenance surveys. 
Daily Operations and Information Gathering
Over the years, as we continue to gain experience, our thinking on managing both daily maintenance operations and information gathering evolves.   One area in particular where we’ve made great strides is in prioritizing work orders using PM Worx. My article details the suggestions we currently make when we set up new communities. If you’d like to implement any of these ideas, please give us a call to discuss the best approach. Depending on the intended change, such as the insertion of a new priority in the middle of your list, you may require a bit of data management help from our support team.  As always, we’ll be glad to help.
PM Worx 5th Annual User Conference
We’re also excited about how well this fall’s User Conference is coming along.  We’ve organized the venue, arranged the logistics, and set the core agenda.  In addition to our PM Worx-specific topics, such as hands-on learning, and our data analysis and comparisons across communities, we’re especially delighted to have a great lineup of amazing speakers and workshop leaders – experienced maintenance directors from communities where PM Worx has made a significant difference: 
  • Joe Zannini, Carolina Meadows, NC – Risk Management
  • Bill Ludovice, Bethel Homes, WI – Communication Up and Down
  • Dave Scifres, Apostolic Christian Restmor, IL – Compliance and State Survey Readiness
Many maintenance directors think of the PM Worx User Conference as their annual booster shot for inspiration and ongoing professional development.  It is an unparalleled experience,  giving you the opportunity to spend three days out of the whirlwind to focus on working smarter, not harder. 
Find out more about the 2010 User Conference and take advantage of your discounts. You won’t want to miss this year!
We’ll be adding a few more topics to our agenda as we continue to firm things up.  For example, we’ve just confirmed a personal tour of The Mather, a beautiful new CCRC minutes away from the conference hotel.  We also have a special workshop on Benchmarking: Defining Common Ground, which runs on Day 1, concurrent with the hands-on breakout sessions.  We’ll post more information on the site, and we’ll send an email to let you know as we confirm some of these great events.
That’s all for this edition’s packed President’s Message. Have a happy and safe summer one and all. I’m looking forward to seeing a record number of you in the fall at what promises to be the best conference yet. 
Jo-Anne Kempe


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