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Spring 2010 Edition

On the Road Again

The Diary of a Business Traveler



Remember award-winning American journalist, Charles Kuralt?  If you’re under 35 maybe not, but I sure do.  He was known for his "On the Road" segments on the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite, and back in those days, my family was glued to the TV every week. North Carolina native, Kuralt, hit the road in a motor home (he wore out six before he was through). As an intrepid business traveler, I cover the miles in the air, but these days I feel a bit like him, with an upcoming schedule that would make my parents proud.


Most recently, I enjoyed Fort Dodge, Iowa, where thousand acre farms are the norm and, even at the airport, folk are so friendly they reach out to shake your hand.  I had to do a double take, let me tell you.


Coming up in May, I’m travelling to new customer sites, as well as covering a series of trade shows and a speaking engagement.  Normally Josh gets to do these, but he and his wife are expecting their new baby’s arrival in early May — and proud Papa wouldn’t miss that for the world!


Be sure to come and visit us when you attend these trade shows. Encourage your executives to drop by and say hi too, as well as the folks from your state head offices. We’re never too busy to talk about what’s important to your Senior Living Community.



Josh’s last show dates before the stork arrives will be from April 26-28 in Saratoga Springs at NYAHSA. And he’s taking no chances, as Kyle will be there to step in on a moment’s notice if the baby decides to make an early appearance back in Toronto. 

From May 4-5, I’ll be at ASC in Long Beach, California, with Cherie.  She’s spoken to many of you by phone over the years, and would love to meet you in person at Booth # 505.


My next stop is New Bern, North Carolina for NCANPHA. Although I’ve spent a lot of time in North Carolina, I’ve never made it to New Bern.  I hear it’s beautiful.  On May 11, I’ll be speaking at this non-profit Spring Conference.  Be sure to register to find out how to “Strengthen Your Bottom Line with Strategic Planning, LEED and PM Programs.” 


My last stop will be Houston, for TAHSA.  I visit this city often to see customers in the area, and always enjoy returning.


By the end of June, Josh will be back in the driving seat for PANPHA in Hershey PA, with a complete set of bouncing baby photos.


While You’re Here… 

The inspiration for this article came to me when Cherie’s husband kindly came over to help by putting up a cabinet.  While he was here, I asked if he wouldn’t mind helping with a few other jobs around the house. Every time I visit one of you, I hear about how distracting and stressful it is when your Techs visit a resident to complete a scheduled job, only to be greeted with requests for several more.  So, when I heard myself doing the very same thing, I thought it would be interesting to address the issue in more detail.


Asset Data Collection 

This month, Kyle also talks about the importance of Asset Data Collection. More and more of you are taking the plunge, and collecting vital information about your assets. It can be a daunting job for sure, but if you don’t do it, you’re missing some of the major business benefits available to you in PM Worx.  Take a look at Kyle’s article to learn more about collecting assets. You’ll then have all the information you need to help make repair/replace decisions, provide solid data-driven forecasting for capital planning, and demonstrate regulatory compliance.


More Watch, Listen, and Learn 

Our collection of PM Worx Watch, Listen, and Learn videos continues to blossom, with three new titles added to the series.  These short how-to clips are bursting with information on everything you need to know about using PM Worx in your Senior Living Community. In this spring edition of Worx Wire, you can find out about Asset Maintenance History Reporting, as well as how to set security permissions for your Technicians and Request-Only User Accounts.


Are you a HealthMEDX or PointClickCare User?

We have exciting news about how to integrate our billings information with your financial systems.  Kyle has worked closely with Green Hills Retirement Community in Ames, Iowa, to tailor PM Worx billings exports to the CareMEDX billing system from HealthMEDX.  He’s also been working with Mather Lifeways to do the same with PointClickCare. So, if your accounting department uses either of these two billing systems, you can now export billing data from PM Worx in a format that’s easy for your financial people to import. It saves them from rekeying information, and reduces input errors.


Did you know that HealthMEDX is the standard accounting system for Life Care Services (LCS) communities? So, integrating PM Worx billings information with your accounting system couldn’t be easier. To get started, be sure to check out Kyle’s article and watch the accompanying Watch, Listen, and Learn segments.


If you don’t know what accounting system you’re using, ask your CFO.  If it’s not one of these two systems, we’re likely working on your billing system right now. So give us a call to get the scoop, because we’re always available for one-on-one support to make things faster and easier for you.


Don’t Forget About Depreciation

Our Winter Newsletter featured an article by Kyle about how to handle depreciation. If you missed reading it, here’s the link: CFOs Appreciate PM Worx Depreciation. If you have our Capital Planning module, PM Worx can use your standard fixed asset data to output a fabulous Excel spreadsheet, showing all the necessary depreciation information – this year’s depreciation, accumulated depreciation, original and remaining value.  It even highlights assets that are fully depreciated this year.


Well, that’s all from me for this edition. We hope it provides you with plenty of useful advice, as well as ideas for future projects. I look forward to seeing you, your colleagues, and your leadership team at the upcoming shows throughout the year, as well as in your Senior Living Communities.



Jo-Anne Kempe


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