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Winter 2009 Edition

Talk of recession has dominated the year, in your business and ours, but every cloud has a silver lining — and it’s the people you and I get to work with every day who make all the difference.  Over the summer, I did a quick satisfaction check-up with everyone here at Windmill Software.  I was thrilled to find out that ratings were high…but the biggest kick of all came from the comments. Without exception, the Windmill team told me that dealing with our customers, and knowing we’re delivering exceptional value, brings great joy to their jobs.  On behalf of us all, I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for that honor and pleasure.


A Year of Travel
2009 has been a year of travel for me, and I’ve had the great pleasure of working with so many new sites.  Although spending so much time in airplanes and airports can be draining, I’m enlivened by my work on site with you.  As I’ve explained to many of you, I choose to be directly involved in this part of the business because I love to inspire people to perform at their best, and to put stress-free processes in place to support everyone’s success. Plus, I feel privileged to be there at the kick-off. This past year, I’ve been to the Carolinas, Florida and Texas a number of times.  I’ve also visited Maryland, Ohio, Iowa, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, California, and likely more that I’ve forgotten.  What a pleasure!


Watch, Listen, and Learn
I’m excited by the response to our Watch, Listen, and Learn videos, which have evolved from a test topic or two in 2008 to a full-fledged launch early this year. Your encouraging feedback and usage continues to egg us on to add continuously to the slate of topics. This month, we’ve produced five more for your viewing and learning pleasure. Naturally, access to these Watch, Listen, and Learns is restricted to our PM Worx users via the Members Only Website.  If you’ve not logged on yet, obtained your password, and checked out the many valuable resources on the Members Only Site, there’s no time like the present!


Members Only Site
Just last month, we proudly introduced a new version of our Members Only Site, crammed with lots of not-to-be-missed information. There you’ll find a series of past articles about ways that PM Worx supports your business goals well beyond day-to-day operations. There are copies of all the quick reference sheets, manuals, and guides available for download or online reference. And, don’t miss our picture gallery, especially the results of the photo contest we ran this year. With innovative discussion forums and blogging capabilities added to the mix, we hope to grow a community of PM Worx aficionados, soaking up knowledge and networking online.

Our Members Only Site is an important part of a healthy maintenance diet, but did you know that it’s now fortified with RSS? We can automatically feed you all the latest tidbits and breaking PM Worx news when there’s something new for you to see. Take a look at Mark’s article for a step-by-step guide on how to set up your RSS feed.


Fourth User Conference
Our fourth annual User Conference, at the end of September, once again brought folks together from across the country for three days of sharing.  It’s a unique forum, where maintenance directors, all senior living experts, can compare notes, learn from one another, and form valuable new friendships, which endure well beyond the scope of the conference. I’ve got more to say about our Florida experience, and you can read all about it in Disney and Discipline.


Handling Depreciation
Find out how asset management just got easier when you read Kyle’s article about the way CFOs Appreciate PM Worx Depreciation. If you have our Capital Planning module, PM Worx can use your standard fixed asset data to output a fabulous Excel spreadsheet, showing all the necessary depreciation information – this year’s depreciation, accumulated depreciation, original and remaining value.  It even highlights assets that are fully depreciated this year. Doesn’t it make sense to support the financial department as well as the maintenance department?


Meet and Greet at AAHSA
It was good to see so many of you in Chicago at this year’s AAHSA. We’re always delighted when you stop by to tell us how things are going. Tune into Kyle’s blog to read his road trip report.


Bursting at the Seams
We’re proud to announce that we’ve had to supersize, now that it’s home to 600,000 work requests, serving up a whopping 30,000 requests every month. We’ve worked out that we’re now saving you 25 work years with these efficiencies. To find out what you could do with that extra time on your hands, take a look at Kyle’s article, Can you Handle 600,000 Work Requests?


Keeping Score
In our feature article this month, Keep Score to See Productivity Soar, we ask whether you are tracking hours worked. Find out how PM Worx can become your scoreboard and introduce a little healthy competition into your maintenance department when you focus on the discipline of execution.


With 2009 fading rapidly, we at Windmill wish you a happy season, whatever your form  of celebration, and look forward to our continued friendship in 2010.


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