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Summer 2009 Edition

Dog Days of Summer


Dog Days — those hot, sultry, lazy days haven’t made it to our neck of the woods this year, much to the disappointment of vacationers.  Ever wondered where the term “dog days of summer” comes from?  For curious folk like me, here’s a link to find out:  Whatever did we do without Google, Wikipedia, and a myriad of other sources to answer every question you ever imagined?

This issue of the Worx Wire is dedicated to gaining useful knowledge from the data captured in PM Worx.  Not everyone  cares about trivia like the origins of “dog days,” but maintenance directors worth their salt  care a lot about improving their operations.  After all, gaining actionable insight is the whole purpose of PM Worx!

Worx IQ is all about making you smarter.  Seeing graphs and spotting trends showing your progress (or not!) tells you exactly where to pay attention BEFORE it’s too late to respond effectively.  One of the main reasons poor habits get out of control is known around our office as “boiled frog.”  It comes from MIT professor Peter Senge’s 1990s classic business book, Fifth Discipline, wherein he describes typical human learning disabilities.  In more common language, we might call them the “gotcha while you weren’t lookin’” problems.  The concept of boiled frog is compelling:  If you put a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will immediately jump out and be safe.  Put a frog in tepid water and slowly raise the temperature, and it won’t notice, so the frog ends up boiled.  Worx IQ keeps you out of hot water.

Becoming a Well-Oiled Machine presents three ways to break old habits and develop new improved ones by using data to demonstrate both expectations and progress made.   Firstly, we explain how to get work requestors to do a better job of telling you what’s wrong.  Secondly, we offer ideas for helping your tech’s return their completed work orders and log time used more consistently. And finally, we map out how to look at your track record of getting work done within the time lines you’d promised.  Analyzing your results points out bottlenecks for which you can no doubt find work-arounds.  These three pointers are just the beginning of how your department can work toward smooth, rhythmic hum of a well-oiled machine.

As a maintenance director, Raise Your Profile with A+ Communication may not be as difficult as you think.  In this article, we present a nifty, maintenance-director-tested way to gain recognition and cooperation as well as increase your satisfaction ratings with other departments.

As always, we bring you a success story from the field.  Your experience is incomparable, and we hope these stories continue to inspire you to expand upon the many ways you can use PM Worx to save time, increase productivity, add to your credibility and simply contribute more to your community.  Bill Ludovice, environmental service director at Bethel Home and Services, shares his experience in “PM Worx Causes a Cultural Revolution.”  The story was written just after last year’s user conference when Bill said, “It’s rare to find a conference that gives you such an excellent return on your investment. Especially in the current economic climate, it’s worth its weight in gold.”

The PM Worx User Conference is jam-packed with timely, relevant information and inspiration that’s even more critical than usual when times are tough.  There’s a lot to be learned about further systematizing your work flow, documenting and monitoring processes and using captured data to provide breakthrough insights.  Equally valuable is the time spent networking with your colleagues from across the country.  It’s an entirely unique experience unavailable anywhere else.  There is still space.  Hope to see you there.

In closing, I hope you find the Worx Wire articles valuable and practical.  We are dedicated to your success.  Please let us know how we’re doing … we gratefully receive both applause and suggestions for improvement.  Enjoy your summer.




Jo-Anne Kempe


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