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Spring 2009 Edition

Do More with Less - The Theme of the Times


Doing more with less is the way of the world these days, and maintenance departments are no exception. Although many of you were already stretched to the limit before the new economic reality hit, you’re facing yet more pressure to be productive. These are the “times that try men’s souls.” What to do?


As PM Worx users, you’re already getting far more done than you used to, simply by adopting the best practices that result from running the system well:


You’ve put an end to the myriad of verbal requests, emails, post-it notes and voice mails, and you’re now channeling all requests through the system. As a result, you can manage the work rather than constantly putting out fires. Requests never “fall through the cracks” – they can’t. The whole community has confidence that you’re on it.


You’ve coached requestors to check on work request status so they can give residents immediate answers to their inquiries on work orders. As a result, residents are satisfied more quickly and feel reassured, plus you’re no longer behind the 8-ball.


You’re prioritizing work so that your techs are all on the same page. They’re accountable for their time and you’re aware of what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. You’ve got a solid handle on performance.


These are just a few simple examples of the many, many day-to-day time- and effort-saving practices supported by PM Worx. Productivity is at an all-time high and you’re running a tight ship.


And still the pressure is on to do more with less. What’s next?


Turn to your data for insights. Scour the details of your history to hunt for opportunities where smart business adjustments could be made.

Where exactly is time and money going?


What trends are you seeing – positive or negative?


Are you managing resident chargebacks? Have you been providing the extra services your residents want and need without a budget allocation for them? Are you taking advantage of all the opportunities Kyle talks about in his Watch and Learn mini-series on resident chargebacks? Take a look at the changes we’ve made in PM Worx v 6 to make chargebacks more versatile.


Consider refurbishments. Are there cost efficiencies to be had there?

Is your PM up to snuff? Energy costs are negatively affected by poorly maintained equipment, not to mention the cost of breakdowns and decreased lifespans resulting from PM that lags behind.

Are your inspection rounds robust? Are you catching would-be requests ahead of time? Whatever you can do to be more proactive puts you in control and helps you reduce stress and costs.


The list goes on. There is no clear answer; no simple solution. But there is help. Consider these possibilities:


Make use of PM Worx Support


You’ve got a question? Call us. Don’t want to call? Send an email. If we can answer it in writing, we’re happy to do that. If it needs a discussion, we’ll let you know and set a time to talk. Our primary lesson when we launch our training with you is that the real relationship starts when you begin running PM Worx. We want, and expect, to hear from you. Remember that support is not limited to technical problems; we invite you to ask for advice or just talk things over, because we’re committed to your success.


Opt in for a Data Audit


A Data Audit may be your best starting point if you’re relatively new to PM Worx or to mining your data for business intelligence. We start by conducting a series of diagnostics to make sure your data is free of errors. From there, we run summary reports comparing your results against a set of norms we’ve come up with through client data. We provide you with a written report of our findings and recommendations followed up by a one-hour phone discussion.


Consider Worx IQ


Consider Worx IQ, our new graphical and extremely powerful reporting tool. With it, you can spot changes over time or compare and analyze worker productivity. You can also find out about response times to requests by priority, category or source of work — to name just a few. You’ll love the features that enable you to save and name report settings to use over and over (store them in favorites!). You’ll also be able to subscribe yourself or others to receive reports automatically at specific times. Worx IQ creates the report, formats it as a pdf and emails it. It’s that elegant! Call or email us to set up a demo!


But back to the subject of troubling times. What should we do with the extra pressure of today’s reality? I believe we should search out opportunities to learn and share solutions with more diligence than ever before. Experts say that turbulent times are defining times – that our values and mission are put to the test. For us, that translates to our passionate commitment to your success.


I hope you find this issue of the Worx Wire informative and useful. We’ve filled the pages with advice, about how to make the most of PM Worx. Let us know what you think of the exciting Watch and Learn Series. Get a double dose of Case Studies, with great insights from Jim Hale of Givens Estates, NC, and Frank Pierpoint-Allen at Buchanan Lodge, BC. Visit our new Members Only Website, and by all means, sign up for the 2009 User Conference in Orlando – your booster shot of inspiration for the times that try men’s souls.


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Jo-Anne Kempe


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