The Worx Wire Newsletter
Winter 2008 Edition

Good Tidings from the President

This season makes me nostalgic — some call it “overly sentimental” — but I shrug, decide there are worse things to be, and carry on! I become really appreciative of the many good things in my life, but mostly the large and growing Windmill ‘family’ of PM Worx aficionados.  It’s heartwarming and rewarding to make such a significant, positive difference in the communities we serve.


My broken shoulder is now out of the sling and I’m into physio, which is quite the challenge.  Even so, I started travelling again last week,  visiting Deerfield Retirement Community in Des Moines - a great way to get back into the swing. My guess is you’ll be reading a success story from them in about a year!   I know they’ll make PM Worx sing.


User Conference

Speaking of PM Worx singing, I’m very proud to bring you this issue’s Case Study from Canterbury-on-the-Lake in Waterford, Michigan. We hear from Executive Director, Susan Dembiec who makes it her business to ensure their investment in maintenance bears abundant fruit. And, indeed it does. She naturally depends on her Maintenance Director, Mark DeRaud to implement their shared vision. His success speaks volumes about the opportunities created when a great team such as Susan and Mark put their heads together.


More insights from the field surface in our Insider Report, where we share with you direct feedback from our September User Conference. We’re so proud that even the most discerning critics say it was well worth their time, money, and the backlog of work they knew they’d face when they got back. Overwhelmingly, 2008 participants have budgeted for next year. We also asked for advice on how to best approach superiors, especially when budgets are so tight. I’ll not steal any more of their thunder. You must read these comments! 


Two of our User Conference mini-surveys turned into full case studies. You’ll have to wait for future issues of the WorxWire to see these in print, but thanks in advance to Jim Hale, Givens Estates, Asheville, NC and Bill Ludovice, Bethel Home & Services, Viroqua, Wisconsin. You can, however, read their User Conference feedback now.


If you attended the User Conference, I hope you’ve all visited our Picture Gallery. Don’t forget to caption and comment on the pictures. The best response will win a $50 gift certificate to Home Depot or AMC Theatres. Kyle, Dan and I are judging your entries on Dec 15th, so you’ve still got time to add your wit, your ruminations, or just plain all out funnies. There’s some pretty good stuff up there already, but it’s not too late. If you forgot how to sign on, email or call Dan.


Kyle’s Corner

Kyle’s Corner gives you a taste of our fantastic new training materials. We’re developing a full series of Watch and Learn video clips to accompany the PM Worx User Guide. Each segment is short and to the point. They deliver the keystrokes and mouseclicks you need to use PM Worx like a pro. In this article, Kyle uses the same video clip technology we use in the Watch and Learn series. You don’t want to miss it! And, we’d love to hear back from you about this innovation. Are you excited about it? Is it a good way to learn? Tell us what you think … as you know, it’s your feedback that steers us in the right direction.



The FREE Upgrades to PM Worx v6 and Mobile Worx 2.0 that we started shipping in July are coming along nicely. About half of you have already moved forward and are enjoying the new features. We’re finding that most of you, when upgrading, are making the time and effort to take the next logical step in your PM Worx deployment. It’s perfectly normal to get to a certain point with software like PM Worx where you’re so pleased with your progress that you shift your focus to day- to-day work and don’t get around to advancing. But there’s no time like the present to gain some momentum. Alongside the upgrade process, we’ve been doing data audits with many of you, and we’re impressed at how well most communities are doing.


If you haven’t upgraded yet, remember it’s FREE for the asking. If you can’t find the upgrade instructions we sent, just drop me an email at and I’ll see to it that you get the directions.


Smarter Software

Last but not least, Worx IQ is almost ready to ship. Kyle is taking a few days off over the holiday season but will have it ready early January. For those of you who pre-purchased, Kyle will be in touch. During January, we’ll also do webinars and one-on-one demonstrations. Stay tuned for this exciting new offering that applies analytics to the data collected in PM Worx to give you a whole new perspective on the maintenance business in your community. You can discover some of the features of this really smart software by following the link to this rolling powerpoint demo.


That’s pretty much a wrap for our Holiday Issue of the WorxWire. We’re looking forward to a new year of working with you and developing innovative software and services that continue to contribute to your business success.


We extend our heartfelt wishes to you and yours for a safe, healthy, and very happy holiday season.

Until next year,
Warm regards,







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